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Welcome to my very first Celeb Style post! And the honors go to…..Jessica Biel! As if getting to drool over JT all day was the only thing this chick had going for her (sigh). I’ve always admired her taste and am  LOVING  her effortless street style in this photo. I’ve tried to make it relatively easy to emulate her look by handpicking similar items in four different price ranges. And if you are one of the lucky ones that can afford this $4,514 outfit, you can always click here for the exact items she is wearing. Let me know what you guys think!

Forever 21 Price Range

excuse-my-blog-Excuse Her Style Jessica 1

1. Hat: H&M | 2. Jacket: Forever 21  3. Clutch: Charlotte Russe | 4. Shoes: Asos.com | 5. Tee: Forever 21 6. Jeans: American Eagle | 7. Sunglasses: Target


Express Price Range

excuse-my-blog-Excuse Her Style Jessica 2

1Sunglasses: Nastygal | 2. Hat: Nordstrom 3. Tee: Nordstrom | 4. Bag: Nordstrom 5. Boots: DSW | 6. Jacket: SHOPBOP 7. Jeans: Express


J. Crew Price Range

excuse-my-blog-Excuse Her Style Jessica 3

1. Tee: Piperlime | 2. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | 3. Jacket: SHOPBOP 4. Clutch: Claire Vivier 5. Jeans: Nordstrom | 6. Boots: Zappos 7. Hat: TopShop

Barney’s Price Range

excuse-my-blog-Excuse Her Style Jessica 4

1. Sunglasses: Nordstrom | 2. Tee: SHOPBOP | 3. Hat: Saks Fifth Avenue | 4. Jeans: Saks Fifth Avenue 5. Jacket: SHOPBOP | 6. Boots: SHOPBOP 7. Bag: Cole Haan 

Which would you prefer?!

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    I love Jessica’s style :) She always looks so cool and casual but also feminine :) i dont know how she does it!
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.com)