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Hey! Remember that time when I said that the blog would continue on Wednesday? Yep, that was about a week ago, but unfortunately getting wifi set up here in Barcelona has been a nightmare! The good news? It’s finally here (although it is still super slow) and I’m just grateful to be out of the stone age! My trip over went fairly well, aside from my giant phobia of being up in the air for 10 hours straight. This Buzzfeed article pretty much sums up every experience I have ever had flying. Anyone else have crazy irrational fears that affect your quality of life?! I would love to hear them to make myself feel better. More to come on our adventures over here, but in the mean time I present to you part two of my jumpsuit obsession. This week: patterns and color blocking!


1. ASOS | 2. ASOS | 3. Nordstrom | 4. ASOS | 5. Shopbop | 6. Piperlime | 7. Nordstrom | 8. ASOS | 9. Nordstrom | 10. ASOS | 11. ASOS | 12. ASOS


1. ASOS | 2. ASOS | 3. ASOS | 4. ASOS | 5. Nordstrom | 6. Shopbop | 7. Shopbop | 8. ASOS | 9. Nordstrom | 10. ASOS | 11. ASOS | 12. ASOS

In the spirit of ‘jumpsuits’, here’s a little Throwback Thursday for you:


Thanks for reading everyone!


*A big congratulations to Jill W. and Brittany R for winning the contest I ran with Pucker Punch Cosmetics. I have contacted you both and look forward to sending off your goodies!

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    Oh I love these, especially jumpsuit #5! I hear you on the wifi, getting it set up in Poland wasn’t much fun either!