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Bachelor Dresses

Was the season premier of The Bachelor as magical for you as it was for me? I’ll be honest, when I heard that ABC picked Juan Pablo as the next bachelor, I was more than disappointed. He just didn’t seem to stand out to me that much in Desiree’s season. After watching the premier though, my opinion did a complete 180.

I. Love. Him. He seems just so sweet and is a complete gentleman. And although I also fell in love with Sean last season, I’m pretty sure JP already has him beat. And lucky for him, he didn’t get a ton of train-wrecks in the season opener. I was surprised that aside from a fake pregnancy, a mobile piano concert, and a dog that made appearances throughout the entire episode,  most of these girls seemed relatively normal….ish. And beautiful. So, without further ado, I invite you to take a look at my Top 10 Dress Picks for the evening:

My-Top-10-Bachelor-Dresses-210. Elise

Occupation: First Grade Teacher

Age: 27

Now, I have to admit that I don’t think this dress necessarily flattered her body as much as it could have, but that doesn’t change the fact that I am ABSOLUTELY in love with the detailing of this it. But then again, anything shiny or sparkly has my attention.


My-Top-10-Bachelor-Dresses-39. Ashley (eliminated)

Occupation: Grade School Teacher

Age: 25

Yep, another gold one. Its the last one, I promise. But what can I say, I’m like a child and like shiny things. You typically don’t see short dresses on the first night, but I love that Ashley tried something a little different. I’m loving the detailing on this dress and it looks adorable on her!


My-Top-10-Bachelor-Dresses-48. Maggie (eliminated)

Occupation: Personal Banker

Age: 24

Love the mesh down the middle of this one! Its done well, without being too revealing. The color looks great on her and think the draping in the back is simply gorgeous!


My-Top-10-Bachelor-Dresses-57. Kylie (eliminated)

Occupation: Interior Designer

Age: 23

So even though Kylie had a major embarrassing moment when she ran up for a rose that was meant for someone else, she still looked gorgeous doing it. At first I thought this dress was a little too prom-ish for me, but after seeing a close up of the detail, I’m in love with all of the jewel colors. It reminds me of something from Pretty Pretty Princess. Remember that game?


My-Top-10-Bachelor-Dresses-66. Clare

Occupation: Hairstylist

Age: 32

With or without a fake baby bump, this dress looks stunning on Claire. I’m a huge fan of bright colors (worn simply) and think this looks great with her skin tone and hair. She pulled it off fabulously.


My-Top-10-Bachelor-Dresses-75. Andi

Occupation: Assistant District Attorney

Age: 26

What can I say? I’m a sucker for navy. I didn’t realize it until watching this episode with my friend and she pointed out that I always seem to love dark blues. Guilty!


My-Top-10-Bachelor-Dresses-84. Cassandra

Occupation: Former NBA Dancer

Age: 21

Her introduction to Juan Pablo was one of the most awkward, but her dress was one of the prettiest. I adore the neckline and romantic color. It really flatters her figure.


My-Top-10-Bachelor-Dresses-93. Christine (eliminated)

Occupation: Police Support Specialist

Age: 23

Props to Christine for going for such a unique jewel tone. I love this color on her and think this dress fits her like a glove. Does she remind anyone else of Kate Hudson?


My-Top-10-Bachelor-Dresses-102. Lucy

Occupation: Free Spirit

Age: 24

So, keep in mind that this isn’t a best dressed list. This is a top 10 DRESSES list. Try and overlook the bare feet and the flower halo, and this dress is to DIE for. It is so cute and girly without too many frills.


My-Top-10-Bachelor-Dresses-111. Sharleen

Occupation: Opera Singer

Age: 29

…And my ABSOLUTE favorite dress for The Bachelor season premier was worn by Sharleen. I love the draping and the neckline of this dress. She went with a different approach and shows off her skin in a much more subtle way. Even Juan Pablo complimented it, multiple times. And I’m thinking it must have made some impact on him, because he ended up giving Sharleen the first impression rose (even though she was hardly flattered)!

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