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The SAG Awards are on tonight and I’m flipping out over it. It will be one tonight on TNT and TBS at 8 pm ET. This show is probably my favorite just because it is inspirational AF.  Literally. Five minutes in, I’m reaching for the tissues every year. This is the awards show where  you get to hear the stories of actors struggling when they first started out. The actors usually mention all the people that told them they could never make it…and they finally get to tell them to ‘SUCK IT’. I DO love me a good ‘against all odds’ saga, so you can count on me watching tonight. I’ll be having a few girlfriends over and we be filling out these brackets I made and competing for prizes and/or bragging rights. Feel free to download them here! If you want more info on the SAG Awards (criteria, who votes, etc.), I’ve got you covered with my post from a few years ago here. This is Leo’s year…..I can feel it in my bones!

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